It is hard to know what to say about a living legend. Siegfried is exactly that. His show, the Siegfried and Roy show, is the most successful magic (or any type of act) in Las Vegas history. They performed for over five million fans, and several kings, and four U.S. presidents. They generated more than $600 million in ticket sales, and had Roy not been tragically injured, would still be going strong. Nothing compares to their success.



I was fortunate to meet him at a charity dinner in Las Vegas and again the following day as he toured the World Magic Seminar in the Orleans Casino and Hotel.

In all honesty, I did not expect him to show up. He is a superstar, and why would he show up just to eat with me and fifty other magicians at a fundraiser. He did and I am a richer person for it.

He is charming, humble, and extremely soft-spoken. For magicians, being humble and soft-spoken is rare. Most magicians crave the lime-light. Siegfried is content to appear at the functions and watch the other performers. He was even bashful about having his picture taken. Of course, I managed to do one anyway, and on our second meeting, got him to pose.



I wondered how a person so bashful could succeed in show business. Siegfried explained it this way.


Siegfried and Roy were the perfect combination. With Roy alone, it would be too much. Myself, would be too little.


After meeting him, I understand.

The Magic Dad

Marty Ludlum


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