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For my library shows, I have one primary goal: encourage students to read. It begins with the magic word: "I LOVE TO READ" and continues throughout the show!

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Reading is Magic! I know it, being an educator, and I share my experiences with them. If students begin early with a love of reading, the rest of their lives are richer.

The Magic Dad Magic Show uses a variety of tricks that are a blend of magic and comedy, but always sneaking in the message, that Reading is Magic.

Want a blast from the past? For Summers 2005-2006-2007 I had two special assistant magicians:

Bailey, the Magic Daughter and Justin, World's Shortest Magician from the 2005 Summer Show.

They are completely embarrassed about these photos, which makes me love them all the more.

Bailey and Justin are both in high school now, but still love to perform.

Here's what others have said about "The Magic Kids."


They were great! A very good way to encourage other children to use magic!

Spring Bowman, Sayre (OK) Public Library


I thought the Magic Kids were a fantastic idea! Kids relate easily to other kids.

Darbie LaFontain, Duncan (OK) Public Library



My kids got me interested in magic, and have joined me in performing now.

And the best part, kids love to see other kids performing. While I get a good reaction, the kids cheer wildly for Bailey and Justin.

This not only conveys the importance of the message, Reading is Magic, but also says that kids can do anything!

The Magic Dad

Marty Ludlum


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