Vacation Bible School Magic Show

Easter Magic Show, 2003, First United Methodist Church, Frederick OK

For Vacation Bible Schools, I do a magic show with a theme. Of course, the theme is religious. I can adjust the theme to fit the message of that day's lesson, or I enjoy the simplest of messages, Jesus Loves Me.

The Magic Dad at Sayre Library, June, 2005

I know some people are worried about having a magic show at a religious meeting. I do not do anything which is offensive, or implies supernatural powers.

In fact, I don't do anything that I would not do in front of my own children, who are always/usually in the audience, or in front of my own church, which is shown in the top picture on this page.

I avoid being preachy, but instead try to be light hearted and entertaining. For vacation bible schools, the focus is on the children, not on me. If they kids have fun, they will remember the message.

Since the children enjoy the magic, I can slip in the message without them even realizing it. Using magic as an educational tool is very powerful, as well as entertaining.


The Magic Dad, Marty Ludlum


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