Kalin and Jinger

On February 17th, 2001, Kalin and Jinger made magic history by presenting the largest stage illusion in the world—the disappearance of an American Airlines jumbo jet at the Reno Hilton. The illusion was presented, nightly, for over two years. It was the climax of their critically acclaimed “Illusionarium,” and was witnessed by over a half-a-million people.

The Vanishing Jet was a remarkable achievement in magic and the result of months of careful work and planning. It was only possible because of the enormous stage at the Reno Hilton, which could accommodate the plane, and the support of American Airlines, sponsors of the illusion. Magic consultants Don Wayne and Jim Steinmeyer, who had both created “larger-than-life” mysteries for David Copperfield’s television shows, developed the illusion with Kalin and Jinger. The scale and speed of the mystery required a number of innovative techniques. “Of course, the plane was too large to move away without anyone in the audience seeing it,” Kalin explains. “It was performed above a poured concrete stage, the only floor that would support the weight, so we couldn’t use trap doors.”

Kalin and Jinger perform in Reno's best magic show, The Magic Underground. The Underground is their own custom theater built especially for magic! They are a charming couple with an angel of a daughter. Besides being excellent performers, they have a skill even more rare, especially in the performing arts, they are excellent business people!

They manage their own business, which is no small feat of magic, which must be done every month. It was truly and honor to meet them.

Marty Ludlum


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