Mac King


I am posing with Mac King in 2002 (notice the arm still in a sling). Also notice Bailey and Justin are still little. Mac King is the real King of Comedy Magic. He has performed all over the world, and has performed daily for Harrah's Casino of Las Vegas.

Although I have seen him perform a dozen times, doing the exact same routines, he makes me laugh each time. He is the perfect performer. He entertains with tact, never embarrassing or harming his volunteers. His charm encourages people to participate instead of making them run for the aisles.

This is Mac King serving us wine at the 2007 charity fundraiser.

His sense of humor is contagious. He uses his southern charm persona for humor, and does not resort to vulgar humor or obscene language. He could perform his routine in any church. When I grow up, I want to be Mac King.


Jump ahead to Spring Break, 2016, Justin and I with Mac King, another great show.  Justin has grown quite a bit, and I have aged quite a bit.  Mac King still the funniest show on the Las Vegas strip!


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