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First, you should join a magic club. Magicians are a friendly lot, and they love to share their passion of magic with others. I am in several magic clubs and each one has welcomed me like a long lost friend. Since we share a common bond, a love of magic, we instantly connect.

This is also a good place to perform for an audience, as well as a place to learn new tricks and advice from professional performers. There is no substitute for joining a magic club. Look for one that meets regularly in your area.

I'm a member of the Oklahoma City Magic Club, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the Society of American Magicians, and I have been selected as a Member of The Magic Circle of London, England. These are the premier magic clubs in the world. Click on their links to find out more about these groups within the magical community.

Each of the organizations has their own magazine, IBM sponsors the Linking Ring, and SAM sponsors MUM Magazine. Besides these two, Magic Magazine is also quite popular and filled with similar information.

Books on Magic are available at several places, including your local library. The best two choices are Mark Wilson's book on Magic. It is a good introduction to magic with numerous illustrations that are easy to follow. Another good choice, but a bigger investment is Tarbell's 8 volume course in magic, which will cost about $200, but which details almost every kind of magic in depth.

As for magic dealers, they are few and far in between. Since a town may only have ten magicians, it is difficult for a store selling to those ten people to survive. As a result, many have combined with other types of retail, for example costume shops.

In Oklahoma, two excellent magic shops are Costume Fun House in OKC, run by Dean Johnson and Steve Lawrence's Top Hap Magic Shop in Tulsa. I shop at both quite often and they provide excellent prices as well as service. Here's a quick tip from me: never buy a magic trick from someone who cannot demonstrate it. You will never understand how it works, and there is no guarantee that all the parts are there. Only by seeing a demonstration, can you know if the trick is right for you and your show, and is a good buy. Buying over the internet is risky. I would avoid it until you are familiar enough with magic to understand what you are buying.

Here's a link to some ebooks on magic that are free to download.

Here's an encyclopedia of card tricks.

You will need adobe acrobat to read this file. It is also free to download here.

I'm also frequently asked about non-magic entertainment for parties. Need a moonwalk for your birthday party in southwest Oklahoma or North Texas? Contact S&J Amusements, 580-252-5703. I have used them for my kids birthday parties. They have moonwalks, pony rides, dunktanks, etc. They are dependable and affordable.


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