Eugene Berger

I got the opportunity to have dinner with Eugene Berger at a charity fundraiser in Las Vegas. I did not know what to expect. He is world famous, has written dozens of books on magic, invented dozens of magical effects, and along with Jeff McBride hosts one of the most honored magical schools. I'm just a guy who performs magic. I didn't think we'd have anything to talk about.

I was wrong. We spent the entire evening talking about magic, what works, why people like it, and assorted topics. He splits his time between Chicago (his real home) and Las Vegas. His voice is deep and resonating, and I expect he will soon get called into action on audiobooks, and will become a hot commodity in that market. He also demonstrated a group of magic tricks he performed with a borrow deck and no preparation. It was astonishing. He is truly a charming and unique person.


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