The Magic Dad shares the stage with David Copperfield


David Copperfield is the most celebrated magician in the world. He has won 22 Emmy awards for his magic shows, won magic awards from every magic society on earth.

He is the ultimate performer, being the highest paid magician every year for the past decade. His style is captivating.

I actually had the opportunity to appear on stage with David Copperfield in November of 2006 at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. (I should explain in all honesty. I was selected as one of his audience volunteers. I didn't do any magic tricks. But, you've got to admit it. The headline looks fantastic!).

I had hoped for a picture, but he is very guarded about people taking pictures during his show, and I did not want to violate his policies.

He made 13 people vanish from the stage and reappear in the back of the audience seating. I was watching the entire time from the stage, no more than an arms length away from the people (and I'm a magician, so very skeptical). He did it, and I have no idea how. He is truly worth all the hype.


I was fortunate to be able to take my kids, Bailey (14) and Justin (12) to see him perform during his 2007 tour (Wichita Falls, TX). After the show, my daughter told me, "I want to be just like him." Now we have goals!


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